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About Us

Who are we?

RilataFarming is us, the people who work here, our customers – the Latvian farmers who cooperate with us, and our partners who help us to provide the products and services of RilataFarming.

We do what we believe in, instead of trying to believe in what we do.

  • Honesty

    Honesty towards oneself and others, observance of law, genuineness and promise-keeping.

  • Premium quality for the best results

    We don’t believe in reaching outstanding results and the highest goals with average-quality work, materials or knowledge; this is why we highly value good quality in everything we do.

  • Stability

    It is no art to reach good results now and again; it is much harder to ensure high quality of products and services day to day.

  • Sustainability

    We have to leave this world to the next generations in a better state than it was when we entered it. This is the underlying value of our work and products.

  • Efficiency, affordability and necessity

    Our products are efficient, affordable and necessary for our customers. As soon as one of these criteria is missing, we discontinue the respective product or service.

  • Owning up to and correcting our mistakes

    It is only those who never do anything who never make mistakes. We are not afraid of owning up to our mistakes, correcting them and then proceeding towards our goal.

  • Verified solutions

    We offer our customers only safe and verified solutions that are approved of by farmers around the world. Naturally, sometimes we look for new solutions and experiment, but only with the customers’ explicit consent.

  • Long-term cooperation

    We carefully select our cooperation partners, just as they have selected us. Long-term cooperation helps us plan ahead, stay on the same page and provide better services.

  • Appreciation

    We know how important it is for everyone to have their work appreciated. Even a little praise or gratitude for the work done and, of course, adequate pay motivates and encourages a person to do their job even better.

  • Politeness and courtesy

    These valued traits make our everyday life and relationships more harmonious and prevent many unpleasant moments.

  • Trust

    Trust is hard earned and easily lost. Without mutual trust, we wouldn’t be able to provide our customers with the best services and reach the best results.

  • Customer interests come first

    Our business is aimed at meeting the interests of our customers. We do everything to ensure that our customers believe that we truly work in their interests. All of our products and services are directed towards reaching the goals set by our customers.

  • Precision

    Small errors and failures can bring great losses to our and our customers’ business, thus precision is crucial in the manufacture, delivery and use of our products. Our recommendations and services must be precisely outlined and executed.

  • Knowledge, skills and wisdom

    Diligent, smart and skilful work will bring the highest achievements. No one is born smart, and today’s knowledge might not be enough tomorrow; therefore, we need to continuously learn, revise and build on what we already know.

  • Safety

    We take care of our employees’ and customers’ safety and do everything it takes to make sure that our products or actions do not harm people, animals or the environment.

  • Respect

    Respect towards one another, our customers, partners and competitors, as well as the opinions, interests, life, time and work of others.

  • Commitment to excellence

    Just as our customers, we are constantly developing, learning and improving ourselves. We read a lot, share our experiences and experiment just a little.

  • Attention

    Some say that the most luxurious good in today’s fast-paced and busy world is attention.

  • Diligence

    True values arise from persistent work not laziness.

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Values that we uphold and respect in others:
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